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PPC Agency Rip-Offs

UK Health & Wellness Scans Service

Established UK health and wellness scanning client spends £69,153.73 over twelve months on Google Ads and doesn’t record a single appointment booking or any online revenue from their campaigns, rendering them a complete waste of money

£69,153 / $95,431 USD Google Ads spend
£0 / $0 (Zero) attributable appointment bookings, sales, revenue, and ROI
B2C professional service provider with two locations looking to scale nationally through franchising

No money

This case study is one of the worst yet in sixteen years, and prompted us to reveal it.

In September 2021, an established UK health service company, with two clinics, came to us as a potential client to help them grow their business nationally across the UK by franchising.

They had been paying an agency to manage their two Google Ads accounts, one per location, for almost a year, and were frustrated with the performance of their campaigns.

This almost always means no money is being made and no clear ROI visible, and sure enough, this case was no exception.

With their click costs and agency fees, the clinic had spent over £69,000 ($95,000 USD)

They had wisely invested in a clinic management website extension which gave them completely self-service 24/7 appointment bookings, with automated reminders, payments, deposits, and credit card transactions through Stripe.

But, although they had a business “dashboard” of sorts, they had no real idea whether their Google Ads campaigns were creating any actual bookings, sales, revenue, and ROI.

All they could see was the money going out, and their campaigns appeared to be a cost center, not a profit center. This meant that it was impossible to reduce wasted ad spend, and to optimize, manage and scale their campaigns to grow their business.

Page views as clinic booking conversions

We were aghast to find that the ROI Audit™ revealed that their PPC Agency tracks page views as clinic bookings, and that no actual appointments, deposits, sales, and revenue could be attributed to the campaigns. None. Nada. Niente. Zero. Zip. Zilch.

Rien. Literally anyone visiting any page of the website after an ad click, including the home page, blog, reviews, and services pages was considered a clinic booking conversion, which was why the recorded conversion rates were also unrealistically high. And there was plenty more going wrong too.

With no bookings, sales, revenue and ROI data, the campaigns were unmanageable, and the agency made arbitrary, bizarre, and irrational decisions on what to do next to justify their busy-ness and quarterly fixed charges. Which made no money.

They were too lazy or technically challenged to integrate the clinic management website extension into the Google Ads account conversion tracking, even though this would prove how much money they were making for their client and help them with their growth plans. Completely unprofessional. And all too distressingly common.

“Fully Booked” worth £1m

When we revealed this to the client, they paused their campaigns to take stock over what to do next. We discussed with them the similarity of their business to our PCR testing client case study, who grew their locations from two to fifty nine and made over £1.5m ($2.04m USD) in just eight months.

We took his real numbers in terms of average scan booking value (£160), his capacity (at which he was under 50% with room to double), his click costs and our commission-based fee on real bookings and revenue, and projected them.

Our (conservative) projections showed that each location could be worth up to a net annual revenue of over £250,000 ($345,000 USD), which would mean that just by doubling his existing two locations, and operating at peak capacity with a fully-booked calendar of scans, he could have been our next “Million Pound Case Study”.

We honestly believed that he would sincerely thank us for our work and want to start with us ASAP. He did neither.

It’s all about the return (ROI)

Instead, he was obsessed over his average marketing cost and our commission fees.

Not how much money we could make his business and help him grow it. He didn’t even know his fixed costs, even after spending nearly £70,000 on his digital agency for almost a year. He went back to his old agency, who seem to have him hypnotised.

This entirely proved to us (again) the value of the ROI Audit™, and that our strict criteria for only working with clients who qualify and know their numbers, their sales processes and can track transactions and revenue through bookings, payment processor or shopping cart, is so important.

It’s also one reason we charge for it, although other agencies (who don’t try to “show you the money”) give theirs away for free.

This client wasn’t ready and didn’t qualify to work with us, so, with regret, we turned him away. And we would never accept his business in the future either.

NB. This case study is in UK GBP currency. As of writing, £1.00 GBP = $1.38 USD

£15,200 campaign spend, with no bookings, revenue, or ROI (and not including £11,000 quarterly management fees)

Web page views as clinic bookings, instead of integration with the clinic management website extension makes all the conversion data useless

Automated bid strategies become useless with page views as conversions; also note the hugely inflated conversion rates as a result

Massive mobile spend, but optimization by device is impossible without real booking values

Even though the website clinic management extension accepts bookings and payments 24/7, campaigns are scheduled around office hours (with bizarre bid adjustments)