You Get Paid - Or We Don't

PPC Agency Rip-Offs...

In the early days of Google Ads, agencies began to appear to help online advertisers run their campaigns in this new and exciting, but confusing medium.

As time went by, Google themselves realised that a minimum level of ability was needed, and the Google Certified Partner accreditation program was born.

Today, this medium is very mature at almost twenty years old, and is the most brutally competitive place online to do business, with high click costs and huge choice in the marketplace for buyers. It is very safe to say, that if you can make Google Ads make money, you should be able to safely advertise in many other digital channels.

When done correctly, the small and medium businesses of the world can not only compete cost-effectively against the bigger players, but survive and thrive. It’s a big marketplace out there, and only getting bigger every year.

Google Ads remains technical, time-consuming, confusing, and potentially extremely costly if you get it wrong, which is all too easy, and common. If you don’t know your numbers, and how your business works online, you are going to get burned – fast.

Today, there are many “Award-winning” and “Full-Service” digital marketing agencies who will provide you with a website, SEO, PPC, Google Ads, Google Shopping, Facebook campaigns, and other digital services.

Unfortunately, having all these offerings often does not necessarily mean that they will sell your products and services, make you money, and help you keep more of it than you spend (profit, and Return on Investment or ROI).

Is Google Ads working for you?

In general, an agency partner should be a good thing, because they have worked with many businesses and bring a fresh perspective.

They should also be experts not only with Google Ads, but with business analysis, BPR (Business Process Re-Engineering), and business development and growth.

The actual reality can be very different, sometimes managed by junior staff with zero understanding of how your business works and how you make money online (even though they are spending it for you and often charging a percentage of that).

Since 2005, we have worked with hundreds of businesses and audited many thousands of campaigns. Even today, we still see the same mistakes and wasted money which gets the digital industry and Google advertising a bad name.

Unfortunately, we can’t name names, and have to protect the perpetrators. But we are calling out all the shockingly shady PPC practices ripping off their unwitting victims – which could include you.

The time for this craziness is over. The time to know you are making money from your Google Ads campaigns – is now.

The Google Ads ROI Audit™

Every agency going will offer you a free campaign audit. These often look at costs, money spent, campaign structure, ad groups, keywords, ads, ad extensions, and metrics like cost per click (CPC), cost per acquisition (CPA), clickthrough rate (CTR), keyword quality score (QS) and others.

These are useful, but it’s not good enough.

Google Ads audits without ROI have no value to you as the business owner spending money and needing more back. Do that for long enough and you’ll go broke. We don’t do broke. We have worked with businesses for up to ten years (see case studies).

How long will it take before we make you so much money you no longer need us?

Seriously. With one client case study in a ferociously hungry and growing marketplace, it was just eight months. How about you? Could you be our next million dollar case study?

For our top twenty clients, over the last sixteen years, our customer lifetime value (how long we continue to make money for our clients) is an average of forty months. That’s three years and four months. Per client. And they have only left because they hired their own team or sold their company because of all the money we made them.

This is the natural evolution of a successful online business. These are the only ones we work with, and we plan for and expect to be “redundant” at some point in the future. The only question is, how long will that take? This is the case study story I tell in my last book “Clicks to Money”.

The ROI Audit™ focuses forensically on how your campaigns integrate directly with your business, capacity, website, sales process, numbers, conversion tracking setup, and transaction provider (e.g. booking platform, payment processor or shopping cart) to create sales, revenue, and Return on Investment.

Do you qualify to work with us?