You Get Paid - Or We Don't

How it works...

The Solution

Google Ads can be spectacularly successful, with some businesses multiplying their money by 3x, 5x, 10x, even 20x. Our Case Study clients have all made over $1m, some much more than this.

Others try it for themselves, fail, try agency after agency without making any money, then give up and say “Google Ads doesn’t work”, sometimes after spending many thousands of dollars, euros or pounds.

So what’s different? Why do some businesses make money from Google Ads while others can’t?

The surprising truth is that for the right business, with the right numbers, making money with Google Ads becomes a mathematical certainty.

There’s much more to Google Ads than just campaigns. Building them first before your business is ready for visitors is doing things backwards.

So we have developed a system that we know works, and keeps making money for qualifying clients reliably, consistently, predictably (world pandemics not-withstanding) and controllably. Sometimes for as long as ten years (see the GVA transfers case study).

Our clients like it so much that since 2005, our top twenty clients have stayed with us for forty months on average. That’s three and quarter years, each.

Do you qualify to join us?


We consult with you in depth, so we understand your online business, your buyers, sales process, marketplace, products and services, just as well as you do, or better.


We then build precision-targeted Google Ads campaigns with SMART Ads™ to reach buyers who are searching for you and ready to give you their money.


We only work with Google Advertisers who know they are making money. We GUARANTEE 2X-20X Return on Investment for qualifying businesses based on the system we used for our successful Case Study clients.


You can outsell and out-spend your competitors, and maybe even acquire them and sell your company, as one of our successful Case Study clients did.