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Case Study

USA B2C Glass Retailer

Growing USA online glass retailer earns $1.06m with 3.06X ROI Google Ads in fourteen months and hires digital marketing team

$1.06m revenue
3.06X (306%) Google Ads ROI
Fourteen month established and scaling B2C ecommerce growth

Stabilise — Expand — Hire

For almost two years, from April 2014 until March 2016, Fab Glass and Mirror spent almost $302,000 on Google Ads without seeing any return on their investment (ROI).

The ROI Audit™ revealed that, although they were tracking sales conversions, they were not tracking their average and total revenue values. All they could see was the money going out, and their campaigns were a cost center.

This meant that it was impossible to reduce wasted ad spend, and to optimize, manage and scale their campaigns to grow their business.

As an ecommerce merchant taking online orders, as soon as their tracking problem was resolved, they started to see spectacular success within just a few days. They were also able to introduce Google Shopping and Dynamic Search campaigns, and eliminate massive wasted ad spend on mobile devices.

Over the next fourteen months, with ever-growing market demand, they then grew their business from zero revenue tracked, to $1.06m, with a return on Google Ads spend of 3.06X (306%).

They became so successful they were able to hire a full time, dedicated digital marketing team, and run unlimited budgets on Google Ads to outsell and outspend their rivals.

Before – $301,833.22 spent for almost two years with no revenue tracked until March 2016

After - from £0.00 to $1.06m revenue in fourteen months

The client had wasted almost $48,000 on mobile clicks which failed to sell
April 2014 – March 2016
  • $301,833.22 spent
  • $0 revenue tracked
March 2016 – April 2017
  • Revenue tracking resolved
  • Average order values and total revenues rapidly revealed
  • Campaign management, optimization, and scale now enabled
  • Dynamic Search Ads and Google Shopping campaigns create more growth
  • 5,547 sales
  • Total revenue $1.06m
  • Average order value $190.73
  • Unlimited daily budget ($8,300 /day)
  • Wasted ad spend on mobiles eliminated

No return on investment, to hiring a full-time digital marketing team in just over a year

Fab Glass and Mirror is one of the fastest growing companies specializing in manufacturing and distribution of glass and mirror products. We are an industry leader supplying the finest products and services to consumers, businesses, distributors, and contractors.

With our strict quality control guidelines and procedures we deliver the highest quality products and services with one of the industry’s lowest price without compromising the highest quality standards.

Headquartered in Columbus Ohio, Fab Glass and Mirror prides itself on exceptional after sale service and warranty to guarantee the satisfaction of every single customer.

Our highly skilled and experienced engineers, technicians, and sales staff are committed to bringing to the marketplace the best products and services available.

ROI is the pain.

I think we have a very high cost per acquisition as far as PPC concern for Google. We urgently need more traffic and conversions. We can increase our budget if we get more ROI. Compare to our competitors our ROI is way low, like around 1/10 of them in my view and reports.

We used Google Support (they assigned us a representative for our account quarterly) and in house expertise to implement and monitor. We reached you with a hope that with your knowledge you can fix our problem.”

Sell more glass

The goal of the campaigns was simple – sell as many glass products as possible with Google Ads, all day, every day, for the right return on investment.

Glass products contain many “buying keywords”, in terms of types, sizes, shapes, colours, appearance, properties, edges, thicknesses, destructiveness (hurricanes, bullets) and even – holes (patio tables). These do not change, only grow, develop, and expand over time.

This destroys the myths that correctly designed, built, and targeted campaigns need to be constantly adjusted and experimented with, and that automation can’t be trusted for consistent, controllable, and predictable performance.

A very common problem with Google Ads is measuring results only by Cost per Acquisition (CPA). This completely ignores revenue, average order value, profit, and ROI. Many of your website visitors will buy a product they didn’t even come for, or buy more than one product (we’ve all done this on Amazon).

Unless you track actual sales revenue, you can never know how profitable your campaigns are. That stops you from optimising and scaling them. Many advertisers then misguidedly think Google Ads doesn’t work and often give up on it.

I consulted in depth with the client to know exactly how their business operates, where customers come from, how to target them, how to avoid the wrong ones, the glass products they wanted, the revenue they created, and how to eliminate wasted ad spend.

All the campaigns had to be built from scratch, correctly targeted to specific devices, products, and buyers.

Business is numbers

Because they then knew their numbers and operations so well, they could outspend and outsell their competitors, and continually increase their daily budgets as the campaigns expanded.

Ultimately, rather than continue to pay a non-staff member, when they had made sufficient money, they hired a dedicated in-house digital marketing team. I carried on supporting them after they hired, allowing their in-house team to take over fully.

This has happened with six of my top twenty clients since 2005, and is the natural evolution of a successful company. I published my last book “Clicks to Money” on Amazon to tell another, similar client case study in a light-hearted, fictional setting.


  • Understanding the client’s product range, offers, webstore layout, and payments method
  • Integrating their products and shopping cart with conversion tracking, Search and Dynamic Search campaigns, Merchant Center, and Shopping campaigns
  • Precision targeting and tracking their ideal customers USA-wide, knowing the right ROI for their revenue
  • Consistently meeting their target Return on Investment and growing their business revenue for the first fourteen months until they hired their own team