You Get Paid - Or We Don't

Who we are...

About Us was formed in the Spring of 2021 by David Rothwell and Rob Hatcher while running their separate businesses from Barbados under the Welcome Stamp Programme.

David Rothwell

David Rothwell has 16 years’ experience with Google Ads (formerly AdWords) and Google Shopping.

He makes money for world-wide B2B and B2C professional services, digital product companies, and eCommerce merchants.

His performance-driven approach to Google Ads stems from over 20 years in corporate IT management, including KLA-Tencor Corp, Hewlett-Packard, and Olivetti.

David is a faculty member of CEO Space International. He has spoken at conferences for Perry Marshall, Ken McCarthy, PPC Hero and TeCOMM in Maui, London, New York, Chicago, Bucharest, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Dallas.

He is the author of ‘Clicks to Money – 2X-20X ROI Google Ads Without Agency Fees’, ‘The Google Ads Bible for eCommerce’ and co-author of the Amazon #1 best-sellers ‘Sales Genius#1’ and ‘Remote Working!’

He is referenced in Marshall P. (2014) ‘Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords’ Entrepreneur Press, and Jacobson H. (2012) ‘AdWords for Dummies’ John Wiley and Sons.

Rob Hatcher

Rob Hatcher has 22 years’ experience in running his web development and digital marketing agency, Kleo Digital, which has over 140 active clients. Kleo Digital’s in-house team are very experienced at web development and digital marketing and have an average of 8 years solid experience behind each of them.


So why form For David and Rob, the synergy between themselves as individuals and their businesses was obvious, as each brings different but completely complimentary skills and knowledge. By forming it was clear them that the sum total was absolutely going to be greater than its parts.

We decided right away that this business would be 150% about getting results for our customers. Our purpose is to make eCommerce and online payments and bookings based businesses get the maximum sales growth they want to get, while we absolutely guarantee their results and their success.

All businesses using paid-for online advertising are uncomfortable about what is happening – we will completely remove that casino-like gambling that many online advertisers have and replace their risk with guaranteed results. No wasted advertising dollars, just guaranteed revenue, ROI and growth.

Our Values...

  • We only get paid when you do – we are results, revenue and ROI based, not percentage of ad spend
  • Honesty, integrity, and openness in everything that we say and do.
  • No smoke and mirrors. We let you know how you are doing in absolute facts, figures, and solid results.
  • Sometimes this stuff can be boring, so we always have some fun along the way.
  • Your success is absolutely our success!